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Hebron Harvest Fair - Returns in 2021

Date: Sept 10 - Sept 13, 2020

For the last 49 years, the Hebron Lions have presented the Hebron Harvest Fair annually without fail. Over those 49 wonderful years the Hebron Lions have been able to donate nearly 4 million dollars to local and Lions supported charities, and it’s the smiles of those we help that make the grueling process of running a major Fair worth all the blood, sweat, and tears we put in year round.

However, this year has dealt us all a new deck. While we wanted so passionately to celebrate our Golden Anniversary with you this September, it is no longer in the cards, and our 50th Anniversary will have to wait until September 9 to 12, 2021.

It was with great sadness that we voted to postpone the 50th Annual Hebron Harvest Fair. Our membership of over 60 members, who volunteer year-round to put the Fair on and other events held out as long as we could hoping things would change faster than they have. We know dozens of volunteer groups depend on our Fair to earn money for their causes. We know that hundreds of small businesses depend on our Fair to earn a living. We know that dozens of non-profits depend on our donations from the profit generated by the Fair. All these stakeholders weighed heavily on our minds and our hearts to hold out hope as long as we could.

While we ran into problems with having entertainment and ultimately a carnival as other Fairs and events cancelled, the main decision was obviously the health and safety of everyone involved. Without clear guidance on what the rules will be at the time of the Fair, it is impossible to prepare a modified Fair with constantly moving targets relying on our staff of all volunteers. We did not want to present an event that was only a small portion of what we normally produce, and for all these reasons we have postponed the Fair.

While we have postponed the Hebron Harvest Fair, we are however trying to plan a new event to help fill the void of the number one reason people come to a Fair, the food of course! We hope you will mark your calendars for September 12 and 13 this year as we hope to announce an event soon.

We would also like to reassure that those local non-profits who depend on donations we typically make to them each year will not be in jeopardy this or next year as our Hebron Lions Charities has contingency plans for such circumstances. Our ability to continue supporting those local non-profits that depend on our donations annually is a critical responsibility the Hebron Lions take seriously.

Keep tuned to our Facebook and Website for more information for upcoming announcements!

Thank you for your continued support,

Russel Strumskas
Fair Superintendent
Hebron Harvest Fair

and the Members of the Hebron Lions Club

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