Fair Membership Renewal
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Fair Membership Renewal

Dear Association of Connecticut Fairs Member;
Attached please find the Brochure and Membership Form for 2020.
In order to streamline things and make your lives easier, the Association of Connecticut Fairs (ACF) Leadership Team has created one form to capture the following information:
 Membership Information: this is your renewal form for 2020 (or application, if you are a new member).
 Brochure Information: information recorded on this form will be used to prepare the Connecticut Fairs Annual Brochure that is distributed throughout Connecticut and beyond to let everyone know when and where your Fair is occurring. Please be very precise in recording the physical location of your event and the event dates.
 Contact Information: information recorded here will also be used to update the Association of Connecticut Fairs contact database. It is this information that will be used to send updates about the ACF, including but not limited to, meeting dates, season passes and other information important to the Fairs, 4H and Granges in Connecticut.
Please complete this form and return it along with your dues (check payable to the Association of Connecticut Fairs) postmarked no later than January 31, 2020 to:
Jeanne Lewis
The Association of Connecticut Fairs
31 Hepburn Rd
Hamden, CT 06517
For any questions, I can be reached by email at acf.jeanne@gmail.com
Thank you in advance for being part of the Association of Connecticut Fairs. We look forward to an exciting and fun filled fair season!
Best regards,
Jeanne Lewis
Corresponding Secretary
On behalf of the Association of Connecticut Fairs Leadership Team
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