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State Contests

This year’s ACF Contests, Annual Business Meeting and Awards Banquet are being held on Nov. 5th at the Lyceum in Terryville, CT. The following weekend the 2016 Tri-State Convention • Trade Show & Showcase being held in conjunction with MA & RI fairs on Nov. 11-12th in Sturbridge, MA.
Registrations will be required separately for both events.
Contact your host fair superintendent or secretary for information on registration & banquet.
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Baking Contests

Baking Contests

Baking Contests 
Photo Contest

Photo Contest

Photo Contest 
Quilt Contest

Quilt Contest

Quilt Contest 
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Shearing for Show - Berlin 
Chop Faster-Bethlehem 
Flags of the Day-2013-Bethlehem 
Old Glory - 2013 Bethlehem 
Tessa & Horses-2013-Bethlehem  
Getting Ready to Pull-2013-Brooklyn  
Next in Line to Pull-2013-Brooklyn  
Cow Licking-2013-North Stonington 
Dragon Girl-2013-Durham  
Eat My Dust-2013-Durham  
Fairy Land-2013-Durham  
Potato Sack Race-2013-Durham  
Stale Bubble Gum Again-2013-Durham 
Tired Day at the Fair-2013-Durham 
Corn Eating Contest-2013-Four Town 
ini Horses Puller-2013-Four Town 
Ferris Wheel at Night-2013-Hebron 
Sheep Portrait-2013-Hebron 
Shy Calf-2013-North Stonington 
Sucessful Day-2013-Durham 
Who will win-2013-Woodstock 
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