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Baking Contests

We would still like to recognize that 2020 is the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower’s Voyage and Founding of Plimoth Plantation. For 2021 we are celebrating First Thanksgiving. The event that Americans commonly call the "First Thanksgiving" was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621. The feast lasted three days, and - as recounted by attendee Edward Winslow - was attended by 90 Wampanoag and 53 Pilgrims
The Voyage of the Mayflower took 66 days with 103 passengers aboard. Two babies were born aboard the Mayflower – Oceanus Hopkins and Peregrine White. The Mayflower Compact was written and signed by all adult male passengers. This document created a Civil Body Politik which is a foundation of the Constitution of the United States of America. Plimoth Plantation was the first permanent colony in the New World.
Congratulations to the 2021 Winners of the State Baking Contests
  • Adult Baking
    • 1st: Carol Fong – Wapping Fair
    • 2nd: Lisa Hotchkin – Four Town Fair
    • 3rd: Rita Hubbard – Harwinton Fair
  • Junior Baking
    • 1st: Gianna Bollig – Woodstock Fair
    • 2nd: Vita Daddona – Bethlehem Fair
    • 3rd: Cooper Urso – Harwinton Fair
  • Two-Crusted Apple Pie
    • 1st: David Ginter – Guilford Fair
    • 2nd: Rita Hubbard – Goshen Fair
    • 3rd: Della Gale – Four Town Fair
Plimouth Thirded Bread
Plimoth Thirded Bread
Molasses Corn Bread
Molasses Cornbread
Apple Pie Contest

2021 Baking Contests Rules

Each year The Association of Connecticut Fairs sponsors baking contests open to the public at participating member fairs. There are separate contests for Junior and Adult divisions, each with a specific recipe. A Two-Crusted Apple Pie Baking contest is also held.
WHO MAY ENTER: The contest at each participating member fair is open to all men, women and juniors who are residents of Connecticut. Commercial, industrial or professional bakers are not eligible. Divisions: Juniors (ages 7 to 15 as of July 1st) and Adult.
HOW TO ENTER: Any Connecticut resident entering a contest at any participating member fair is automatically entered and competing in the local contest. Contestants may enter the contest at as many fairs as they wish until they win first prize. They will then represent that fair at the state baking contest. Please submit entries to both the local and state contest on disposable plates. The Association of Connecticut Fairs and the member fairs are not responsible for the return of plates, trays or containers.
JUDGING: Judging will be based on appearance, flavor and texture. The Association of Connecticut Fairs will furnish judges’ score sheets to each fair and the contestant will receive these sheets at the end of the contest. Additions, deletions or substitutions in the recipe are not permitted and will result in disqualification. All decisions of the judges are final.
LOCAL CONTEST: The winner of the local contest will receive a blue ribbon from the Association of Connecticut Fairs and will then become eligible to submit their entry at the state contest. In the event that only one entry is received at the local contest and that entry is worthy of first prize, that entry must be awarded the first place ribbon.
STATE CONTEST: The state contest is held as part of the Fall Meeting and Convention of the Association of Connecticut Fairs. Entries for the state contest are accepted from 8:00 am to 10:00 a.m. on the day of the judging (contact your local fair or visit for the date and location). Contest winners are announced at the Fall Meeting. Each fair is responsible for contacting their contest winner and providing them with information. The Association of Connecticut Fairs does not contact individual fairs or contest winners in regards to contest and banquet reservations nor does the Association of Connecticut Fairs cover the costs of attending the awards banquet. NO BANQUET RESERVATIONS FOR CONTEST WINNERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR.
For any questions, please contact Laurie Skornia, Baking Committee Chairman at:
  • Email: baking (at)
  • Phone: 203-464-0933

In 2021 the following organizations are providing ribbons, prizes and/or awards at the State Baking Contest held in October/November.

Bishop’s Orchards – Providing bags of apples for the Apple Pie Bakers

King Arthur Flour
  • Adult Baking - 1st Place - $75 gift card; 2nd Place - $50 gift card; 3rd Place - $25 gift card
  • Junior Baking - 1st Place - $40 gift card; 2nd Place - $25 gift card; 3rd Place - King Arthur Flour Tote Bag

The Mayflower Society
  • Adult Baking and Two-Crusted Apple Pie Contests – 1st Place Winner - $100
  • Junior Baking Contest – 1st Place - $50; 2nd Place - $25; 3rd Place- $25
All winners will also receive a ribbon from King Arthur Baking Company
The gift cards can also be redeemed at the Baker’s Store in Norwich, VT (2 hr 15 min north of Hartford, exit 13 on 91)


King Arthur Baking Company
Baking Sponsor
Bishops Orchards
Baking Sponsor
The Mayflower Society
Baking Sponsor
King Arthur Flour would love to sponsor a baking contest at your fair!
King Arthur Flour will supply the prizes, recipes and ribbons.
For more information please contact King Arthur Baking Contests at:
Bishop's Orchards of Guilford, CT (Exit 57 on I-95)
Thank you to Bishop's Orchards for providing donations of prizes to be given to the finalists of the Two-Crusted Apple Pie Contest held at the Fall Meeting of The Connecticut Association of Fairs in 2021.
The Mayflower Society
Check out The Mayflower Society's 2020 Commemoration for more events throughout this year celebrating the 400th anniversary of the historic voyage.

Food Network's Kids Baking Championship

Food Network is looking for the most talented young bakers for the next season of KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP! More>

Now Casting Amateur Competitive Bakers

Now Casting Amateur Competitive Bakers. To apply, email us at
An award-winning television production company is working with a major cable network to find America's most enthusiastic and dedicated competitive bakers. See attached flyer for more information
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