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Photo Contest

Stay tuned for 2021 contest information which will be available in the spring.

Association of Connecticut Fairs

2020 PHOTO CONTEST- for reference only - subject to change for 2021

The theme for the annual photo contest is “Connecticut Fairs”. The photos submitted should show general scenes around our member fairs. Photos must have been taken after September 30, 2019. The photos entered do not have to be exhibited at any member fairs to be eligible.

Contest Committee

Richard Lataille & Rita Lataille


Janice Steinmetz


Devon Austin

83 Gates Road
Lebanon, CT 06249
PO Box 363
Somers, CT 06071


Contest Rules

Official entry from will be on the Association of Connecticut Fairs web page.

This contest is open to anybody regardless of age.Professional photographers are not eligible.The person entering the contest must take the photo submitted.

There will be no entry fee to enter this contest.The Association of Connecticut Fairs will not be responsible for any lost or damaged photos submitted to the contest.

The photographer’s name, date, photo title, location of where each photo was taken must appear on the reverse side of each photo.

Each exhibitor may enter a maximum of two (2) photos in each lot.

A photo taken can not be entered into more than one lot.

Salon print exhibitors cannot enter the Snapshot contest.

You need to enter as an Adult or Junior (Juniors can’t enter as an Adult)

All entries must be submitted no later than 6:00 PM Sunday October 6, 2020 to any of the committee members.

All entries become property of the Association of Connecticut Fairs.

Contest winners will be announced at the Annual Fall Meeting and Banquet.Please visit for the date, time and location of the meeting.

In the event that less than ten (10) prints or snapshots are entered in either the black & white or color lots, the two lots will be combined and only one set of awards will be made.Awards will be given at the judge’s discretion if the number of entries does not justify the five (5) awards.

The Association of Connecticut Fairs reserves the rights to reproduce any and all entries with the photographers’ by line.One photo may be chosen to appear on the cover of the “Association of Connecticut Fairs” booklet from the previously judged contest winners.

The overall contest winner will receive one (1) REDUCED RATE TICKET for the upcoming season.

A photo contest will be held at the Annual fair Meeting and banquet in which all registered meeting attendees will vote to determine the winner


Take photos on your phone, pad or camera at any of our member fairs and send via e-mail, text or facebook to

Contest Rules:

Same as General Rules with these exceptions

All Photos must have been taken by someone who has not reached 19 years of Age by July 1, 2020

Number of photo submission is not limited


First Place $8.00

Second Place $6.00

Third Place$5.00

Fourth Place $4.00

Fifth Place $3.00

Honorable Mention Ribbon

Salon Print

All prints must be mounted

No prints smaller than 5 x 7 inches mounted. 8 x 10 prints mat may no more than 2 ½ inches.

Lot 1: Black and White Salon Print

Lot 2: Color Salon Print

First Place $15.00

Second Place $10.00

Third Place$8.00

Fourth Place $6.00

Fifth Place $4.00

Honorable Mention Ribbon

Adult Snapshot Contest

Only commercially printed snapshots will be accepted

Snapshots should be no lager than 4x6 inches.

Snapshots submitted to this contest should not be mounted

Lot 3: Black and White snapshot

Lot 4: Color Snapshot

First Place $8.00

Second Place $6.00

Third Place$5.00

Fourth Place $4.00

Fifth Place $3.00

Honorable Mention Ribbon

Junior Snapshot Contest

The same rules apply to the adult contest apply to the junior contest.All entrants in lot 5 must be under 19 years of age as of July 1, 2020

Lot 5: Junior Color Snapshot

First Place $8.00

Second Place $6.00

Third Place$5.00

Fourth Place $4.00

Fifth Place $3.00

Honorable Mention Ribbon

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